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    We have temporarily changed our hours of operation. Please see more information below.


    If you have a new/worsening fever, cough and/or difficulty breathing AND have traveled or been in contact with someone who has been confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19 - Please stay home and call us instead!


    Beverly Hills Pharmacy is a new independently owned pharmacy located at the corner of Jane and Wilson. I am dedicated to providing excellent customer service, an exceptional pharmacy experience, thorough and evidence based medication consultations and care that goes beyond your expectations!


    What also makes me different is that I focus on providing you with information and tools in order to customize recommendations based on your unique needs whether it's prescriptions, over the counter products and/or natural products! I also offer very competitive prices without compromising care. I believe that medication costs should be the least of your worries as your health and satisfaction is my priority!


    Address: 56 Beverly Hills Drive, Toronto, ON M3L 1A1

    Phone: 647 351 6882

    Fax: 647 351 6878


    Your health is my priority!

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    Medication Consultations

    Unsure if you can take this with that?

    Let me go over your medications with you - I can review and assess the indications and effectiveness of all your medications. This includes prescription products, over the counter items, vitamins and natural products! We can go over the "5 Questions to ask about your medications" (See below). By doing this, we can also catch errors/interactions and help you optimize your health!

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    Compliance packaging

    Too many medications? Need a convenient way to keep organize?

    Let me do that for you! I will organize your medications, prevent interactions, and simplify regimens. I use convenient 7 day packages that can detach so you can carry the days worth of medication with you wherever you go. Click on this link to see the product I use.

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    Ever thought your own medication vials can help protect and sustain the environment?

    We proudly dispense our medications in environmentally friendly vials, jars and convenience packages. By choosing our pharmacy, you choose to use EcoloPharm products that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions during production and also reduce plastic waste. We spend a little more, at no cost to you, just to help contribute to the sustainability of the environment. (https://www.ecolopharm.com/)

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    and many more!

    Why choose Beverly Hills Pharmacy?

    I offer competitive prices, free blood pressure checks, medication disposal, local free delivery, prescription renewals*, and I make your health my priority!


    *Certain medications can be renewed by your pharmacist - if you've run out of refills, I may be able to help.


    Your health is our priority!

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    5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications


    If you or a loved one is taking multiple medications, please take the time to read my article on this tool as it can benefit you and your loved ones when it comes to being educated about medication regimens. This tool is used to help empower you and give you control over yours or your loved one's health!


    Read it here.


    For more information, please visit:



    Hello! My name is Carol. I am the owner and designated manager of this pharmacy.


    I've completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto (St. George Campus), majoring in Biochemistry and Immunology. I then completed my Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy (University of Toronto) and graduated in June 2016. During pharmacy school I held various leadership positions such as president and vice president on student council and the student group "SOAPE" (Students for Optimizing and Advocating Pharmacy Endeavors). I am now a registered pharmacist with the Ontario College of Pharmacist and a designated manager and owner of Beverly Hills Pharmacy.


    I have worked in the community, hospital and research setting. During my last year of rotation, I had the opportunity to work at Trillium Hospital in both the cardiac unit and the heart function clinic (Patients discharged from the cardiac unit would sometimes follow-up at the heart function clinic). I also completed a rotation at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP Canada) where I published my article "5 Questions to Ask About your Medications" and completed a research project on analyzing medication error incidents and how to prevent them. After obtaining my license from the Ontario College of Pharmacist, I've also worked and gained valuable experience as a community pharmacist for Shoppers Drug Mart and independent pharmacies such as IDA/Guardian.


    Throughout pharmacy school, I'd join various clubs, participated in various events all with the goal of improving health care for patients. Whether it was through presentations, attending conferences, advocating for my own profession, running public information booths, and even applying it to practice at the pharmacy. With my knowledge and experience I've gained working in the community pharmacies, I decided to leave my full time job and to pursue my own establishment. My vision is to provide excellent patient care combining the therapeutics from my PharmD degree, my work experience, education at the hospital, project at ISMP Canada, and my own drive to excel in customer service.


    Your health is my priority!

    56 Beverly Hills Drive
    Toronto, ON
    M3L 1A1
    Mon-Thurs: 10am - 6pm
    Fri: 10am-5pm
    Sat: 10am - 3pm
    Sun: CLOSED